Nor Darohm

Nor Darohm – The Dwarven Capital

Through mountains and caves, across high paths and rocky peaks until they were looking down upon a great valley that curved around and inward to a huge stone gate in the mountainside.’ – The Life and History of Gordren ‘Gord’ Hardpath


Nor Darohm is the biggest Dwarven City in Sypria, it rests in the largest mountain in the center of a great mountain range. The stone gate is crafted into the rock, ordaining the mountain side. A small gravel track leads down through the valley to the great gate, such a small lead to such ostentation. The environment and weather of the exterior is often harsh and cold, fitting the outlook of the Dwarves on outsiders.

Nor Darohm has never been successfully besieged in all its time as a city. As one of the oldest cities of the newer Dwarven civilization it has seen tens of thousands of years of time pass.


The exact date of Nor Darohm foundation is unknown but the city is believed to be around 68,000 years old, having been established after the fall of an ancient Dwarven civilization. Myth tells of a Dwarven exodus from the ancient empire as it crumbled. The story is that a few honorable Dwarven families left an empire which was deep in civil war and deep in the clutches of disease. However some stories tell of a much darker past, ancient under-gods who razed the Dwarven civilization to the ground.

Much of the Nor Darohm’s history is linked into mining and Underways. The Dwarves had to fight many Goblin tribes beneath the mountains to gain their foothold in the mountain.

Nor Darohm

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